About Us

This drawing of a circle of Friends is by Bobby Buskirk, a former member of the meeting.

All Are Welcome Here

The Miami Friends Meeting welcomes anyone seeking to connect with the higher power among an inclusive community of fellow seekers. We are an "unprogrammed" meeting, meaning we sit in reverent silence, experiencing the deep peace and unconditional love in our midst. Someone may feel moved by the Spirit to deliver a message they feel is divinely inspired.

Our meeting for worship begins at 10:30 AM on Sunday and ends one hour later with handshakes and an invitation to fellowship and refreshments. Check our calendar for other events.

All people, regardless of age, sex, gender expression, race or religion are welcome to share an hour of peace with us. First Day School is available for children at the same time. There are sometimes special Meeting for Learning events for adults, usually either at 9:00 AM before worship, or at 12:30 afterward.